St. Peter Novena Day 5




Lia Militello, Caterina Cusumano, Giovanna Toromina, Grace Favazza, Rosalie Lioacchino

Each evening during the opening prayer service Rosie Verga, talks about the Children, and how important it is to bring the younger generation to the St. Peter Novena.  Rosies words are so very true.  Our children are the future of the Feast of St. Peter, and of all our deep rooted Sicilian Traditions.  It is vital to the tradition they we expose them and keep them involved.  Last night two little blessings, Dante Linquata and Phoenix Curcuru entertained us with their dancing and sweet voices of laughter as they played together during the rosary.


Click see more for photos from last night Novena

The Beautiful Women of the St. Peter Rosary


The Linquata Family Cousin Table!



GMG FOB Virginia McKinnon

“Novena Coffee Time” 

IMG_3131From right to left  ~ Nina Testaverde Goodick, Sor Marianna  from Cevico and phillis Smythers

Sor Marianna story will be posted tomorrow


  • beautiful Novena, beautiful women and children. Amazing Novena to St. Peter. VIVA


  • Been sort of a cloudy week inside ye old ticker – the spirits, and this one brought the sun shinning through just when I needed it thank you and what a great folks 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂


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