Paul frontiero Sr. at State of the Art Gallery Rocky Neck

Paul Frontiero Sr. at State of the Art Gallery 18 Pleasant St.


Rocky Neck 4 Wonson St. 

Open from 11am to 5pm Tuesday to Sunday.

YOU CAN CALL US AT (978) 395-1783 (Roger Armstrong) )OR (978) 395-1915 (Sharon Pablo) or our gallery at 18 Pleasant St. State of the Art Gallery II at 978-282-5426.

New Paintings were added. If your looking for a certain  Family Fishing Boat or certain type of Scene you can contact me at:



  • I’m thinking it would be worth a visit to State of the Art Gallery on Sunday,September 15th, after the GMG Bloody Mary competition. The paintings of Paul Frontiero Sr. are on display and look great. He was out there fishing, and then focused on painting. Roger Armstrong, owner Of State of the Art Gallery, is a nice guy. But first, come to the EJ Kahn Gallery between 9:30am and 10:00am, 77 Rocky Neck Avenue, sip a few Master Mixologist’s Bloodies, nibble a bit of breakfasty food, and make a fine morning of it. I’ll be there, I’m a judge!


  • Now this reminds me of George Morey, Duke and his help went out in his dory’s and pulled the nets up by hand in the 60’s. I remember he caught a nursing shark and a scuba diver (ambulance call on that one with the bubble light). Could see his net from the beakwall of lanes cove or by the summer cottages. Fresh fish wait at the dock. 🙂


  • Paul,
    Still trying to find out if the picture mom has is the doryman type similar to pulling a net done by your dad…Last time I called I forgot to ask as there was allot of other’ conversations going on – have not forgotten… Dave 🙂


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