Community Photos 6/18/14

Cruiseport After Dark, photo from Anthony Marks

Cruiseport After Dark

Hey Joey. 

Hope you had a great Father’s Day! You probably already know (have had) this, but the re-opened Studio has a sushi roll in your honor! Delicious! So good we had to have 2! 🙂     Karen Pischke

Note from Joey- Named after our Grandfather, Captain Joe, The Man our business is named after.  I’m no Captain.

Hello Joey and Kim,

It is the summer of blue petunias in Gloucester.  If anyone is wondering why weedy beds on the boulevard and around town have been cleaned out and replaced with blooming flowers, please thank my numerous Generous Gardener Volunteers.  We are the ones in the green aprons working around town.  We have planted around 400 plants behind the police station including 100 blue petunias.  We have planted 300 blue petunias and 50 Nepeta at the Fishermen’s Wives and another 70 blue petunias and 10 Knock Out Roses have replaced the weedy patch of Rosa Rugosa at the start of the boulevard.  The small garden at the corner of Pleasant and Middle Street has also been filled with a variety of perennials.

This is donated time, labor and plants for all residents and tourists to enjoy.  If you would like to join our group, we meet on Wednesday’s at the Fishermen’s Wives Memorial from 6-7 PM.  If we are elsewhere, there will be a sandwich board at the memorial to let volunteers know where we are.  If you would like to get emails regarding Generous Gardeners activities, contact  If you would like to support city beautification financially, the non-profit Gloucester Civic and Garden Council supports our work.  Send donations to Adah Marker, Treasurer, 3 Fuller Street, Magnolia, MA 01930.  Please put in the memo line for Generous Gardeners.

These projects could not have been done without help from Terese O’Connell, Sue Skinner, Ann Johnson, Deborah and Roger Dawes, Beth Chianciola, Mary Jo Holland, Nancy Mertens, Cathy Hertl, Joan Sweeney, Sheila Blake, Christie Wight, Kirstin Martin, Maggie Rosa and Rosemary Banks.  I hope I didn’t miss anyone and I apologize if I did.  Also, a thank you to Wolf Hill Garden Center for a fabulous discount on all of the plants that didn’t come from someone’s garden.  We also thank Neptune’s Harvest Fish/Seaweed Products for their fabulous fertilizer we are using everywhere.

Here are some before and after pictures.

Susan Kelly

Chair, Gloucester City Planting Committee

Police station before plantingpolice station in processpolice station doneWeedy Rosa Rugosarosa rugosa replant

The new stairs at The Police Station From Bing McGilvray-

photo (85)

The situation was brisk last Sunday at Bodin Historic Photo.  Our man Fred was back in his de facto Chamber of Commerce role as tourists wandered in with random questions.  A customer was being briefed on the way things were a hundred years ago on the waterfront.  All the while old friends were coming by.  The word of the day was Keep Calm and Carry On.  There was time, however, to enjoy a popover sent over from Passports.

Al Bezanson


Fred Bodin with popover

American Glory-

American Glory arriving in Gloucester harbor at 5:40am. Tues.  –Len Burgess



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