Again and Again Sailbags Featuring Fiesta VIVA Designs!

Check them out online or in person-

195 East Main Street, Gloucester, MA 01930
(978) 407-7849


One comment

  • Hilary McKinnon

    Perhaps I have mentioned this before but I believe it was Rocky Marciano that when asked what his secret of success was answered, “Just getting up one more time that you fall”. Here we had a town that was just about written off the map but with true resiliency, is making that come back effort, you can say, “they are just hand bags”, they are just this and that but add them together and you have the reemergence of tourism when the number one industry, fishing, tanked. By hook or by crook the city is getting back up once more than they fell. Fishing perhaps never fell but it sure took one to the chin. Another reason to shop locally and if it says China any ware just leave it alone. It’s hard to do as everything is made there but we have always been a microcosm of the nation. If we can do it maybe they can learn a bit or what it takes to make this country work.


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