Mayor Kirk Represents! In Japan

At the Mighty-Mac store.

photo (80)

Still says “out o’ Gloucester”

photo (81)

Kagoshima Mayor Kirk writes-

On a boat in Kagoshima observing fish being fed in their pens.   Active volcano behind me.

photo (82)

Farm caught fish being packaged fresh.

photo (83)


  • When I was in elementary school, I would only wear Mighty Mac flannel shirts and windbreakers. That was on Long Island, New York.


  • Bring Mighty Mac back to Gloucester !


  • great representing!


  • I held on to my Mighty Mac for a long long long time ~ I wonder if I could find one in the treasure (thrift) stores around Cape Ann ~ ummmm ~


    • Hilary McKinnon

      You can. It might take some searching around and some time but they do show up. Someone dies and their cloths show up in thrift shops, etc. And Mighty Macs would last forever as with all the USA made products before the Chinese came up with disposable cloths. I recently watched a show where the spokesman said that jeans were not made for washing and to just roll them up and put them in the freezer and shake the dirt off. Hot water and bleach has always been my motto and if they don’t survive they are not worth owning. Recently my sister (I’ll not say witch one) sold my winter cloths to a thrift shop and I came across a Might Mac coat for $25.- dollars. Another sister working there said that I aught to recognize it because it came from my closet, (summertime after just getting back from 15 years in Florida) I just couldn’t buy back my own cloths, something inside me said no, so they are there to be found.


  • Gloucester and Japan – a lovely pairing!


  • Very nice my wife Kim has a mighty mac shirt and one of my favorite jackets was from mighty Mac hood and all 1965-1966 thanks Capt Joe 🙂 Dave


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