Drivin’ Up The Wall

The Gloucester Clam

Okay, Gloucesterites. We have to talk. We really need to sit down and have A Serious Discussion about something, and I want you to listen up – but we both already know the truth here, don’t we? It’s the elephant in the room. Our deep dark not-heroin-or-pregnancy-related-for-once secret.

We’re a city full of TERRIBLE DRIVERS.  Just awful. On the best of days, it feels like driving in a post-apocalyptic nightmarish cityscape where if a man flinches, the churning hordes will innately sense weakness and rend him asunder. On the worst of days, there’s beach traffic.


Because I’m a deeply introspective person who tends to think of the macroenvironment surrounding my collection of dented vehicles, I set out on a spiritual journey to understand WHY we drive this way. And by “set out on a spiritual journey”, I mean I cracked open a beer. What I found on my…

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  • Hilary McKinnon

    The logic of drivers here: My dad was issued a ticket and went to court for not coming to a full stop in front of a stop sign. This was at the corner of Saywood and Bass where a Yield sign stood for many years. He was around 86 or 87 at the time and while looking over his record the judge found there were no violations in all the years he had been driving, not even a parking ticket. His defense was, “It was never there before.” and it was partially obstructed by a tree limb but he didn’t mention that, just that it wasn’t there before. The cop was obviously stationed there for people not expecting the change and probably had a banner day but that is besides the point. If it wasn’t there before it shouldn’t be there now. We don’t accept change very well here and drivers have been exposed to a lot of it, like nubbins and such. As the population ages and the residents (even just summer ones) continue to mount change is inevitable although sometimes not necessary. It’s not that we drive any worse than others the problem is that they keep changing the rules, sometimes not thinking them through all the way. Remember when the first in line at a stop sign could be followed by three more vehicles? Who can see three cars ahead in some of our corners? Another rule not thought through. Perhaps you can think of more, like changing the direction of traffic flow on Main St. or something.


    • Loved the photo behind wheel classic-Well said and all those years Judge take it under advisement and dismiss. Obstruction of signs can happen with vines and tree branches not to mention placement (traffic engineer didn’t drink his coffee that morning).:-) Want an expereince you never forget come drive this way in South Korea. Yikes!!! Of course traffic in the 50’s – 60’s was not as bad when I lived in lanesville. Traffic did pick up in the summer time…was very sleepy hollow in 60′s vehicle wise. Now winter time that was a challenge if you lived down Duley street or try to go up or down Tucker street Kennies store directly across from it brakes don’t fail or slid now!!! Oh and don’t park on Washington street unless you want to did out from the plow brings a whole new meaning to igloo!


  • Very nice


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