• FYI…the 210 class was not begun until the mid 40’s so the boats pictured here in a 1932 photo are probably Triangle Class Sloops…the Triangles were designed by John Alden in the 20’s, and the 210 class was designed by C. Raymond Hunt…


  • It is possible that my father and grandfather were looking at this very view from their home just down the road from Niles Beach on the very day that this photo was taken. Thanks for sharing and helping ex-pats like us maintain our precious connection to our beloved home and family.


  • What about ten pound island? No lighthouse then.


  • That was before the Eastern Pt. Yacht Club moved down to the end of the point by the lighthouse. At the time of the picture, the yacht club was where the home is now on the point at the north end of Niles beach.


  • I meant to add above that I believe Toby is right, the larger sailboats are Triangle class but the smaller were Cape Cod Knockabouts.


  • Missed you Fred, so happy you are back , and on the road to recovery.
    Lynda (from CT)
    See you soon


  • Very nice and you may leave the cape but the cape never leaves you from within stays with you both character and awe love the four seasons too 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂


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