Brooke Welty Provides a Newcomer’s View of Gloucester in the List Form You People Crave

Must Read From FOB Brooke Welty Over At Da Clam

The Gloucester Clam

Brooke Welty is the Clam’s Chief Marketing Executive which has a hefty paycheck of “nothing” and is responsible for trying to get us more than 4 twitter followers with her elite social media skills. In her virgin offering to the Clam, she explains what she has learned so far as a newcomer to Cape Ann. 

  1. Gloucester is a very old town, with very old roads. The roads will make every effort to destroy your shocks, and your spirit. Also, Grant Circle is pretty much Thunderdome. Equip your car with some weaponry, spikes, and something which shoots flames, and you’ll be all set.

    This should be sufficient. "Should". This should be sufficient. “Should”.

    Gloucester is also is full of terrifying lawless zones known as “intersections.” These include the confluence of Railroad, Maplewood and Prospect, marked by a big green buoy (I think?) which looks like someone haphazardly jammed it into the road, leaving the city planners…

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