Carry In/Carry Out Rock Get Replaced By a Pile Of Abandoned Trash

Sad smile

Here’s a big bag of suck from Janet Rice.  (yesterday’s feel good story of the day gets turned on it’s ear by some rotten bastards)

Janet Rice reports-

Last evening I stopped by the Good Harbor footbridge to enjoy the sunset and I noticed something was missing and something was added.No nicely painted rock to remind people to take care of our beach and a big pile of trash to replace it. Really? So sad….

Here’s the post from yesterday that had everyone cheering-


Posted on June 2, 2014 by Joey C 5 comments Edit Post

Janet Rice submits-

A nicely painted rock with an important public service message at the Good Harbor Footbridge.( Thank you to the person who took the time to do this-made my day! )

Best-Janet Rice




  • brooke_surname



  • Vickie & Peter

    We are the beach yesterday and noticed how dirty it was. I bet the bags came from someone trying to clean-up the beach and leaving the bags for the DPW to pickup. We need to wake-up and realize carry-in/carry-out does NOT WORK. Put huge trash bins at all the exits and our beaches will be cleaner!!


    • Well, it may be two separate events: someone took the rock because it was so pretty and they aren’t talented enough (or just too lazy) to paint a rock of their own; AND someone else took the rock’s message to heart, and decided clean up everybody else’s trash on the beach. I hope whoever stole the rock returns it. It really was a pretty rock!


  • I hope someone goes through that trash to look for a clue as to the jerk who did this.


  • That is awful – come on people!! What the heck??!!


  • I went to the beach yesterday and was disgusted with the trash! Carry in / carry out is NOT WORKING. 🙂


  • I honestly don’t think the carry in/carry out policy is the issue as the beaches are actually cleaner since this policy was inacted. What has not changed is some peoples sense of personal responsibility towards Nature. Sadly,those people may leave their trash/not pick up their dogs poop regardless of any policy that is in place. So is the question we should be asking is how do you educate people and change their worldview regarding littering and it’s impact on the environment? Maybe a good start point would be to become good role models ourselves by bringing an extra trash bag to the beach and then walking the beach picking up what others have left behind. With luck, maybe a person who litters without thinking may see you and awaken to fact that his/her behavior affects us all. Changing minds one person at a time. Who knows? I think it is worth a try.:)


    • Carry in works, the Carry out doesn’t! People are lazy and the people from out of town who enjoy our beaches leave their trash because the don’t live here and could care less!! The City needs to bring back the barrels with covers or put a dumpster in the parking lot so people can dump their trash when leaving. The City is just going to have to find the money to pay to have it dumped! Beach parking is big money for the City!


  • Patti Amaral aka litterlady

    Visting Martha’s Vineyard for my 25th anniversary of course I had to see after 8 years since I had been there for my Mom’s funeral what the Carry In Carry Out is doing. I took the idea from my other island when I visited on a summer visit 14 years ago. You see their
    beaches are 4 times bigger than ours you can’t see from one end to the other. Carry In Carry Out is alive and well and where there were barrels there was trash yes I picked it up. I know we are litterbugs we can tell from our whole city not just our beaches. From the bad dog walkers that leave their poop to the person that leaves behind a soda can we must do better. No one can be at the beach and all over our town picking up after these litterbugs. We have so many volunteers that clean every day, every Saturday, once a month and still we are littered with trash. WE have to do better. With 40 barrels lining the beaches 14 years ago the beaches were still trashed. Please do your part and don’t litter and my new slogan is “Clean Up and Speak Up” perhaps that will work.


  • If my memory serves me correctly I remember they used to have the trash barrels exits around the beaches then but would get overflowed and blowing around. Would the big plastic dumpster’s work the covered ones? The only problem I have seen with those is people throwing hot coals in them have seen a few dumpster fires that way…This had to be taught when they are young also I remember my mom would get on us when didn’t know better and say is that where you put trash, no, well pick it up and take to the barrels…or trash can…stayed with me every since. Children are always observing adults and mimic what they see – make it a good example! 🙂 Dave & Kim:-) It’s real bad this way too I leave it at that because it’s a pet peeve!


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