The Paper House In Rockport Is An Interesting Joint

Went This Weekend With The Kids, Check It Out Some Time, Everything’s Made Of Paper

from the website-

About The Paper House

The Paper House is an actual house made from paper.
It was built by Mr. Elis F. Stenman, a mechanical engineer who designed the machines that make paper clips, began building his Rockport summer home out of paper as a hobby. That was in 1922.

The paper was meant to be good insulation. Eventually, not only was the house made of paper, but furniture as well, including some intricate and beautiful pieces.
For more about the background, read the interview with his grand niece. For an interesting look at what you’ll see, let’s step inside.

Here’s the website-



  • Funny girls, with their Dad’s Sense of Humor!


  • Looks really fun! Thanks for the pics & info.


  • Joey,Autually the paper house is in Pigeon Cove ,Pigeon Hill St.-visited there many years ago.


    • What, Pigeon Cove has broke off from Rockport?


      • I wondered about that, too! The Paper House official website lists it in Rockport.

        Located Just North of Boston, in Rockport, Massachusetts  

        Judy   “Time spent wasted at the beach, is not time wasted.” T.S. Elliot                         



  • Joey, no Pigeon Cove is still part Rockport but if a visitor to area knew it was in Pigeon Cove it would be easier to find,but what the heck I’m an ole hillbilly from E. Tennessee so what do I know ? When I went to see the house I just walked up there, my sister used to own the little white house just down the street .


  • Been here a time or two -Thanks 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂


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