2014 North Shore Magazine’s BONS Awards Are Live! Vote For Your Local Fav’s

Would you consider the effort that your favorite GMG contributors put in worthy of a vote for best blog? I think so. We’re in the mix, hopefully the energy we put into this thing for you 365 days a year has earned your vote.


Voting For Your Favorite Local Businesses and Services Is A Good Way To Reward Them For The Hard Work They Do All Year Long

Click Here To Fill Out Your Ballot

I haven’t voted yet but I have to assume we’re nominated and if you would like to vote for the GMG Team we’d be pretty happy about that.  But before you vote for us, there are so many other incredible bakeries, coffee shops, and destinations in our area that I believe in my heart of hearts deserve your votes so vote for them first if you do anything else!


Best of the North Shore (BONS) 2014 Voting

Where to eat, what to buy, who to see, and how to stay on trend—the answers lie all over the North Shore. We all have our go-to favorites and it’s your turn to weigh in by voting for the 2014 BONS Readers’ Choices Awards.

This year, there are more categories, a better voting platform, and bigger recognition for Readers’ Choices winners in the August 2014 issue of Northshore! Voting ends June 1.

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