Pet of the Week- Friday


My name is Friday, I am a sweet fellow with an affectionate side. I am staying at the Cape Ann Animal Aid (CAAA), located at the Christopher Cuter Rich Animal Shelter in Gloucester.

 I had a rough start, I lived on the streets and a really nice family took me in along with a lots of other feline friends and took good care of us, but when they fell on hard times; they had to find another home for us.  A nice rescue lady came and retrieved me and a couple of my friends and brought us to the Cape Ann Animal Aid. As a result of some of those rough and cats, I need to be kept indoors and be feed well and I will be fine! I am a “Special” adoption. Stop by the CAAA for details or go online at: CapeAnnAnimalAid.Com

I say special is right, anyone who adopts me is one lucky human!


  • Christine Burnett

    You will never regret adopting this type of kitty as they are known for their loving nature. . I have a yellow tabby and he is the friendliest cat I have ever owned.


  • I remember seeing someone toss a cat from a moving car into a dumpster I was about 15 then retrieved it from dumpster put it up under my jacket and immediately starting puring even after being thrown. Brought it home and turned out to be one of the nices cate’s we had even after being dealt a horrible deck of cards…Dedicate this to a friend who’s daughter loved this song!
    “Love Will Find A Way” – The Lion King 2


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