JoAnn souza and talking ducks…

“So, Martha, think we should hang out in Rockport or move on to Gloucester?”
I feel very blessed. I have lived in Rockport here for close to 20 years (although I spend most of my time in Gloucester)  and have never seen ducks in the yard or anywhere in the area. They are SO sweet…but this is very unusual so I am concerned.
I noticed them walking up the road early this morning. They flew off this afternoon and then returned. They have been tagged. I have no idea why they are here…but am delighted. Should I be concerned about them? Does anyone know why they are tagged?
I just wanted them to be happy  and healthyand hope they are not disoriented or hurt.
They’re a cute couple. Please help – any information or guidance would be appreciated.



  • Hi Joann These 2 ducks appear to be the same ones that have been hanging around our yard for the past couple weeks. We live at 10 Warner St. They are cute and stop by every day and hang out for hours near our garden.


  • Ducks have raised their young in a small quarry near my house in the Cove for many years so in Pigeon Cove ducks are normal. Dogs, cats and kids don’t seem to phase them.


  • They do talk to each other a lot when they are mated. There is a pair I see along the road or in the woods every morning when I walk out Eastern Point.


  • I’ve been hanging out at Den Mar in Rockport, and we have a pair of ducks that visit frequently. They waddle across the patio lawn to feed under the hanging bird feeders. I think Donna photographed them when she came for a visit.


    • Hi Fred. I know you because you’re a Main St icon and of course through GMG. It appears that you are continuing to heal and strengthen. I watched the video shot at Den Mar and was impressed with your patience, tenacity and graciousness.

      Thks for your response. A week later the ducks are still here! And I’ve looked up their animal wisdom, symbolism and… it’s amazing. I know they are seen in sheltered and wooded areas, but thought it strange to see them here. Also concerned them being exposed to the coyotes at night, but trust they take cover somehow.

      Thanks for the info and keep up the great work – and glad you’re back in the store when you’re up for it.


      • Hi JoAnn, It’s also funny to see ducks waddle over an inland mowed lawn, to eat wild bird seed spilled from a feeder. A friend of mine said she saw a duck in a tree near her home in East Gloucester! Is that possible?


  • Hi Joann:
    We have a pair of ducks hanging in our yard as well on Rocky Neck. They are not here every day, but drop by from time to time.


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