Who knew!   Well, I, for one, did not.  I am quite certain, however, that some of GMG’s savvy followers are well aware of this problem, but it was news to me!

While some of the video footage of these highflying Asian Carp pelting boaters near the Great Lakes may seem funny at first, evidently this is a huge problem and a cause for great concern.

Not to make light, but it was hard to not envision this happening to us while boating down the Annisquam River or in the waters of Gloucester or Rockport Harbor.  Not sure what I would do.  It also reminded me of the time that we were fishing in the Sea of Cortez and I asked the captain, “What type of bird are those that are flying in and out of the water?” only to be answer with a giggle and, “Well, those swimming birds are actually flying fish.”  I blame it on the coronas.


Article on Chicago’s Looming Asian Carp Problem


Disclaimer:  Please forgive the language on this one.  If you’re easily offended, turn down the volume.  But this video shows how extreme this carp onslaught can be!




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  • Having lived in Michigan all my life (until 2 weeks ago when I moved to Newburyport), the Great Lakes, especially Lake Michigan are near and dear to my heart. The threat of Asian Carp getting into the waters of Lake Michigan is serious and potentially devastating to the health of the lake and the economy of the area, threatening the recreational fishing industry and tourism. The waterway between the Chicago River and Lake Michigan needs to be cut off completely to insure that the carp are kept out of the lake. The DNR and Great Lakes Fisheries have already found Asian Carp DNA in Lake Michigan, so time is of the essence. Unfortunately, when politics, committees and debates rule, nothing gets done quickly. Hopefully the fish can be kept out of Lake Michigan and the health of what is the largest fresh water source in the world will be preserved.


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