Getting My Happy on at The Studio

Ok, friends, summer can start.  We’ve finally hit the deck at the Studio.  And…it did not disappoint.

I went to one of the “soft openings” at the Studio back in the fall and have been eagerly anticipating clocking some hours there ever since.  Being the long weekend…and Thatcher’s birthday to boot…Saturday was the day.

We went by boat.  Out of Rockport Harbor, around Halibut Point, down the Annisquam River, under the A. Piatt Andrew, and on into Gloucester Harbor….where we were greeted by the Thomas E. Lannon (a sight that never gets old).

We ate some manchego cheese in olive oil (which I could eat every day for the rest of my life), tuna maki rolls, the red dragon roll (maybe one of my favorite sushi rolls of all time), fish and chips, and some pork ribs.  Everything was delicious….as was my cocktail (a muddled grapefruit something or other) and the decadent dessert that was brought over by our waiter (equally as decadent…kidding..kind of) for Thatcher’s birthday.

We went inside briefly to visit with some friends and it was hopping!  It was crowded in that “everyone is giddy that summer is here and they’re enjoying awesome food and cocktails with friends” kind of jovial way.  My favorite kind of way.

I can’t get back there soon enough and highly recommend that you do the same!


  • YRAH!!! summer is back… going kayaking, nice photos


  • Great pics! We went Saturday night, was cold and raining by the time we went around 7:30. They were packed, 45 minute wait for 3, but still everyone working was awesome, everyone kept asking hiw everything was, it was great. They offered to set us up on deck under covered awning with heaters, there were a bunch of people out by the bar, but tok cold for us, then Colleen the hostess with the mostest scored us 3 seats at sushi bar, we had a great view and a really good time. Started with oysters, amazing. Then got fried pickles and the edamame app, bith delicious. Only disappointment was they don’t have sake since we got all sushi for our meal, can’t understand why they have a killer sushi bar and chefs with no sake?? So i got the Submarine martini which was not great, weak and the guy who delivered it spilt a third on the tray and another third down my shawl, no apology…but i was jonesing for a drink so I gulped it down without complaint. The sushi was outstanding though it took a really long time, understandable with the huge crowd but what if it was nice out and the 20+ deck tables were seated? All in all I loved it and will go back, they really did a wonderful job with the expansion and renovations, can’t wait to sit out on that decknext time! And arrive in style by boat like you did!


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