Memorial Day Remembering WW1

Hi Joey. On the 100th Anniversary of WW1, I am remembering my father-in-law, Hilary F. McKinnon. This photo was taken October 1917 in New York City, just before leaving for France. My husband remembers his dad, a Chief Petty Officer, was the only one aboard his Naval Cruiser able to start the steam engines. The ship’s captain was so impressed, he helped his dad study for his diesel/steam license even. though his dad only completed third grade.

Recently I attended a class sponsored by the Gloucester Writers Center and the Veterans Center. I wrote my husband’s Navy story of WW2. He served on the LSTs and LCTs landing troops and supplies in the Asiatic Pacific. He was in the Gilbert Island, Battle of Tarawa, the Mariana Islands, Battle of Saipan and the Marine Disaster at West Lock, Pearl Harbor. I was able to obtain most of the information from his Navy records and the internet, as he
is still unable to speak of the horrors of war.

My son, Hilary F McKinnon, 2nd, was a Radio Operator in the US Coast Guard stationed in the Hawaiian Islands and Guam. He received many commendations for his assistance in search and risqué. Luckily the Vietnam Conflict was over two weeks before his orders for transfer there.

The Gloucester City Hall has bronze plaques honoring veterans, all three are recognized. WW1, WW2 and Vietnam. Memorial Day a time to honor and remember all Veterans and Thank them for their service. Freedom is not free.





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