Light Up Mattos!

The Mattos Field Committee consists of Jerry Goulart, Patty Philbrick, Kelly Brancaleone, Denise Goulart, Michael Muise and myself. We have been meeting for about 4 months towards a goal of new lights and the rehabilitation of Mattos Field. You can contact us at and like our Facebook page Light Up Mattos. When we have finished our goal of the new lights we would like to rededicate Mattos Field again and perhaps have a Joseph S. Mattos Jr. day to celebrate. Another story I left out was the story of Capt. Joseph S. Santos the nephew to Joseph S. Mattos Jr. I met him on the Gloucester Daily Times when I spelled Mattos wrong when responding to an article. Mr. Santos lived in Florida and when he came home he met me at the field and we talked and talked about the neighborhood and I took pictures of him at the memorial to his uncle. I talked to him about all the work that is going to be done and he was very happy and looked forward to cutting the ribbon when we rededicated the field. Sadly Mr. Santos passed away last July. I am in contact with his wife Alice and now she is looking forward to cutting the ribbon for the rededication. So I thank you for getting the word out and lets “Light Up Mattos”.


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