• I’m saying that’s 99.9% likely a fake video and look nothing like what it will be. I do think they will be offering a larger iPhone but not do away with the current sized one.


  • Craig Kimberley

    I hope they keep the current size, and offer 2 larger ones. I really hope they have 4k video, and a 1080p screen…or I’m done!


  • The current 5s is 4 inches on the diagonal. They are going to come out with a 4.7 inch iPhone 6 in September. This screen is going to be squeezed into a phone just slightly larger than the 5s. Then later in the year they come out with a 5.5 inch on the diagonal iPhone6 to appease all of you who want an aircraft carrier in your pocket. This will be squeezed into a pretty small chassis but I think I will go with the smaller iPhone 6.

    Resolution at 1704×906 pixel tripled resolution whatever that is. The iPad Mini is only 7.9 inch (iPad Air at 9.7) so that fills all the niches from small to large.

    To sum up: all cases leaked point at a 4.7 and a 5.5.


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