• You are the best for helping get the word out! I love the photos and would like to reblog on my butterfly websites. Thank you Chief!!!


  • We weren’t able to make it for this event (we did save a lot of seeds from last year!), but I’ll second that: Bravo to Kim for advocating for the butterflies. Incredibly important work. With no pollinators, a big chunk of the ecosystem breaks down. Bravo!


    • Thanks so much Chris. And great that you saved seeds form last year!
      If you are planning to plant the seeds collected from last fall, don’t forget to vernalize if planning to plant now.


  • We got our seeds from Kim down at the dock and are fired up to do some vernalizing, milkweed- and astral-planting and butterfly-attracting in our backyard and at the Burnham’s Field Community Garden. After meeting Kim, our 6-year-old Ruby said she no longer wants to be a fashion designer when she grows up. She wants to be a landscape designer like Kim and plant beautiful flower gardens.


    • 😉 Kim was a fashion designer as well. So go Ruby ~ you can do it all too!


      • John McElhenny

        Mary, I forgot! Ruby’s parents would be lucky if she turned out as lovely and kind as Madam Butterfly but I don’t think they could handle her going with a rock and roll star like Kim did! 🙂


    • I laughed out loud at the first part of your first comment John, but the second part made me really stop and think. Not only am I very touched by Ruby’s new interest (and a change of heart many times over she will have), but it is a reminder of what a fabulous sponge is the mind of a child.

      It’s great to see you and your kids always participating in local events. Your family’s involvement in the community, especially in your leading the effort to revitalize Burnham’s Field, provides a beautiful example for your children to follow.


  • Great lecture and documentary at Willowdale…..thank you


  • Well done indeed and some very nice photo’s – How is the milkweed today that way? I remember when younger there was a lot of it all over and as kids the milkweed pods where something! Thanks Dave 🙂 Kim:-)


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