Making Vino The Old Fashion Way!

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Yesterday Gloucester residents, Neil and Bridgette Mathews, hosted their 4th Annual Wine Stomping Extravaganza! Family and friends gathered at their home here in Gloucester, for an afternoon of Old Fashion Fun. It was a day of…Family, Friendship, food , and of course lots of homemade “Vino.”   Neil, “Head Winer” of yesterday’s festivities, led an assemble line of helpers  through the first stages of wine making, while his wife Bridgett and their three beautiful daughters, Lindsey, Abbey, and Melodey, fixed an Italian style buffet lunch, which included several bottles of  wine produced by the family last year.  Neil and Bridgett are committed to producing wine “The Old Fashion way,” each step of the process is a labor of love done by hand.  All  540 lbs. of imported Chilean Carmenere Grapes were carefully inspected, for mold and leaves, before the  labor intensive work of  plucking thousands of  juicy plump grapes from their stems began.  Dozens of sorted grapes were mounded in large trays, and transferred to a giant plastic stomping tub in the Mathews garage. 

Thank you so much for your gracious invitation, and warm hospitality.   We were honored to be apart of your family tradition and are truly grateful for allowing us access to your behind the scene’s Vino Making! It was a fantastic day! Grazie!


Get ready folks… GMG’s  Craig Kimberley Master Videographer  is working his magic with yesterday’s behind the scene’s footage of  Vino Making,  The Old Fashion Way …Stay tuned!

Thank you Craig for all your hard work yesterday, and for always keeping things running smoothly on location and real on the set! I’m truly blessed to be working with you!…and to Miss Hannah, Thank you for sharing your hubby on a beautiful Spring Saturday<3  

vino1 vino5

Click continue to see more photos from yesterday’s  Vino Making at the Mathews Home!




  • Any time, Felicia, especially when he comes home with wine! The photos look Great! THANK YOU for all of your insights into Gloucester!


  • What a blast everyone had fun 🙂 Feet don’t fail me now and have fun while squeezing out the great grapes of wrath!
     🙂 Dave & Kim  🙂



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