• I love the diversity of the dock


  • Thanks Joey I needed that


  • Some real creative shots there of ‘dock life’ ~ great job! xoxo


  • I was wondering if those clipper things with the yellow band around the nippers are used to keep the lobster claws from attacking? Spending 30 years in the desert has dulled my memory of what I used to see everyday.


  • Beautiful all, especially like the first and last two.


  • Glad you’re back, Joey!


  • Great stuff here Capt Joe!! Think you guys down on the dock will like these two gems…Grew up in the 70’s on his music classics sung from the reality of life. Where are the wooden pegs for Lobster’s? 🙂

    A Little Bit Late” by Lewie Wickham
    from All1Soul 3 months ago –Lyrics below!

    Lewie Wickham a New Mexico Original,

    Gunsmoke & Kitty Litter

    “A Little Bit Late” is an hilarious song from the very talented, New Mexico based, singer/songwriter, Lewie Wickham. This music video was made using photos from the internet and a digitized recording of the song taken from a cassette, which recorded from FM stereo as the source. I originally heard this song on the Doctor Demento Show decades ago. As a lyricist myself, I greatly appreciate the masterful crafting of his lyrics. I recently made this picture video of “A Little Bit Late” in honor of the late Lewie Wickham, who passed in 2013. He lived his life from his heart doing what he loved to do, which was making music and entertaining the people. He’s forever in the hearts of those whose lives he touched with his words, music and humanity. God bless his soul.


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