Snapshots from belle + me at the Rocky Neck Cultural Center

Anne Malvaux belle and me Rocky Neck Cultural Center-3Anne Malvaux belle and me Rocky Neck Cultural Center -4Fun, French, and Flirty is belle + me’s tagline and their vibrant Spring/Summer collection was all that and more! Photos from Friday’s opening ~

belle and me Rocky Neck Cultural Center.

Anne Malvaux belle and me Rocky Neck Cultural Center.

EJ writes, “Created by Anne Malvaux and Lisa LeVasseur, belle + me is a French-inspired line of cool scarves and cooler jewelry. Their hand-made pendants are one of a kind and they use “repurposed” metal, beads, and fabric when possible. These pendants are designed to be worn on their unique line of scarves, in a multitude of colors and designs.”

Read EJ’s previous Artist Spotlight post about belle + me here

Anne and her family are so photogenic and it was lots of fun taking snapshots. Best of luck with belle + me Lisa and Anne!

Anne Malvaux belle and me Rocky Neck Cultural Center


  • John McElhenny

    Thanks for the photos, Kim. Anne Malvaux is one of the nicest ladies in Gloucester. And not just because of her cool Belgian accent. Best of luck to belle + me.


    • You are welcome John–she is very sweet, as is her family, too. Funny how the moms were putting scarves on the boys and they were trying their best to get away.

      It was super to see you at the citizenship awards and CONGRATULATIONS!! You did a terrific job with your acceptance speech. I am just looking through the photos from today now. Luke makes your family photo so fun with his power pose-isn’t it wonderful how happy kids just exude confidence–and Luke is obviously a very happy kid!


    • John, did you drink too many “duvel” when you wrote this!…you are too nice- thank you!


  • John McElhenny

    Thanks, Kim. We’ll look forward to the photos! It was nice of you to come and take photos.


  • Great shots of such wonderful folks! It was a fun evening and, as usual, some great new options for springtime!


  • Kim, thank you kindly for taking these photos and sharing them with us. Every thing about them is beautiful. And although I could not attend, it’s delightful to have a tiny glimpse into the belle+me event. We are blessed to have the Oulette family as neighbors. Thank you too for all you contribute to making life in Gloucester so colorful.


    • Oh Kelly, I am very much appreciative of your very kind compliments regarding my photos. Thank you.

      Although I am just getting to know the Oulette’s, I imagine they would be absolutely wonderful neighbors!!


  • Kim, thank you so much for coming and taking these great pictures- it was so nice to see you again- I enjoy you pictures on GMG very much, you are so talented! thanks again and all my appreciation to you- Hope to se you soon!

    kelly, you are too much! Can not wait to hang out on the cove…


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