Have You Howled Yet? Wolf Hollow!

GMG phenom, Paul Morrison, has told you to get yourselves down to Wolf Hollow before…but in case you didn’t listen, it bears repeating.  I, like many of you, had driven by the relatively small and unassuming house that doubles as Wolf Hollow in Ipswich so many times without ever even considering stopping in.  Shame on me.  As is typical of my life now, it took my boys all of a sudden being super interested in wolves and coyotes for me to think, “Hey…we should go there!”   So, back in October we stopped in and my boys were immediately in love.  So much so that we got them the Junior Membership for Christmas and “adopted” two of their favorite wolves.  They were so excited to get their membership cards, stickers, and beautiful photos of Argus and Bear Christmas morning.  And….couldn’t wait to get back for their next visit!

If you ask me, it is a perfect example of a Sunday (or Saturday) afternoon trifecta!  1.  Get outside  2.  Learn something  3.  See some beautiful animals up close… and the bonus #4.  Some quality time with your children during which they get the opportunity to learn about conservation and the balance of nature.  NO brainer!!!

The “dock talk” as my older son called it (even though we were no where near a dock) is just the right length.  Not too short and not too long.  The staff member who taught us about the wolves easily engaged a crowd of 30 or so people who ranged in age from 3-83 years and allowed for a long session of questions when she was done.

Kudos to Wolf Hollow for devoting themselves to these gorgeous animals and making a difference while doing what they’re passionate about!  I, as a mom and a teacher, am so thankful for the plethora of places (such as this one) where my boys can learn and be inspired.  Selfishly, I also had a great time photographing them in all their majesty.

Wolf Hollow




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