What to you get when you mix Jon Butcher, 3rian King and Aurelia Nelson?

HOT RADIO, that’s  what!  I don’t know what got into her, but Aurelia Nelson decided to host them both at the same time on the same Curtain Up show that will air tomorrow SUN at 9am on Northshore 104.9 FM.  3rian & Jon talk about their upcoming shows next week (3rian with The Number Nines a Fresh Take on The Beatles benefit for the UU Church Meetinghouse on Friday (4/25) and Jon at the Larcom Theatre on Saturday (4/26) with his Boston area debut of The Jon Butcher Axis: Celebrating the Music of Jimi Hendrix.

Hendrix and The Beatles were sensations at the same time, but in different genres.  Jon & 3rian talk about this period and their experience bringing the music to a new level in the 21st Century.

Sgt. Pepper and Are You Experienced were both released in 1967.  As a kid, I played both albums until they wore out.

Those were the days when your friends would come over, you’d put on a record, sit on the floor and listen to a whole side without talking.  Nobody does that any more …

One comment

  • I am 65 was there and also went to Woodstock. That year, there were many other alabums that changed the world. It was the summer of love! Don’t forget the Doors and Cream as perfect exanples. But without a doubt Sgt Peppers was trhe album of the year and the Beatles change everything once again as they had many time before. Hendrix, Cream(Eric Clapton) and the Doors ruled the summer as was as The Beatles. There were so many others I can’t even get into it…Eric Burdon with “Sky Pilot” about Viet Nam…etc. Hendrix and Clapton were being compared by everyone. I always prefered Clapton’s smooth but searing solos that t seemded to make more sense that Jimi’s rambling craziness…neither of wwhich had ever been heard before this year. Since, I appreciate Jimi and Eric and let’s not forget what The Who did for that year either. I love classic rock and it really is what morphed into all other rock forms of today and is really the only rock music that has withstood time as far as radio play and concert draw. Pink Floyd could sell out any arena if they reunited just as The Who have kept doing and others. Not many other gereations could say that…..I’m not daying none(Phish) but more classic rock groups are still out there playing into thier 60’s than I ever would have imagined. By the way, Woodstock was life changing. I’m going back to see Crosby Stills ,and Nash this summer. Gary


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