Vote For Homie

Our good friend, Homie, is feeling slighted…to say the least…that his friends, in this otherwise adoring and faithful community that we call GMG, let him down.   I, for one, am ashamed.   I think that possibly I am not alone in this.  Joey, Craig Kimberly, and James + Anna Eves brought this oversight to light in a recent podcast…and since then, each time I see Homie, I feel bad.

How is it that no one made certain that his likeness, as iconic and symbolic as it is, was put up for consideration in the Cape Ann License Plate Design Contest?  And I don’t mean that itty bitty homie that is sharing the stage with a lobster, sailboat, pier, etc. in one of the designs. Homie should be center stage.  Although that particular design is lovely, as are the others…they’re just not homie.

Bygones.  Let’s just move on.  I have taken it upon myself to create a Homage to Homie Plate…which may or may not be illegal. I have slightly accessorized him to add to the global appeal. Feel free to print/copy and join the Homie Revolution.

For those of you who have been under a rock and don’t know what all of this homie talk is about….put “Homie” in the search bar and see all of his claims to fame.

To see the original plate designs…minus our mad seagull, See: You Can Influence the Voting



  • Love your design Nichole – I think it’s a winner. Homie, sou’wester, rubber boots – how much more Cape Ann could you get!


  • cute!


  • The term Homie was started by the drug gangs in this country,meaning their peers, fellow gang members- I know your talking about seagulls, but most wouldnt understand that- It may be ok for u and ur local friends, but after living through the riots of LA and residing in other big cities, i see no place for this term in our little piece of heaven here on CapeAnn. Private joke, fine, but dont go asociating it with Gloucester, it has no place and is ra
    ther lowbrow. Enough of this Homie crap. You obviously never experience real life outside of Cape Ann and truly what tht term means to many Americans. When i hear it, i think of drug gangs, killings, mayhem, which is certainly not Gloucester- It has no place here.- Jim Casey


      • Joey, u wouldnt be chuckling if u lived in a big city where gangs spread fear and distrust and crime and death. I realize the term has trickled down by now to the white priveleged suburbs, these kids dont really know what it stands for. I do. I lived through the LA riots, the fear of gangs, locking your doors at stoplights, fearful of honking your horn at a driver for fear of being shot at. This is NOT A JOKE! I guess maybe you’re too young and inexperienced outside of this island to understand. But i do object to bringing this type of rhetoric to our kids here, and to our community. Your offhand laughing about it is shortsighted and naive. Your lucky, you can raise your sweet kids in a safe, basically crime free Gloucester. I am not trying to be antagonistic by any means, but I think you really need to count your blessings that your not stuck in that enviroment trying to raise a family, losing your kids to gangs.I truly object to your offhand dismissal of my point..This isn’t gangville, it’s Glucester. Act like you have some respect for those who built this town and remain here, It is very, very out of place. Respectfully Jim Casey


    • Craig Kimberley

      WOW, that’s beyond wack. Apparently you have your own issue bro (can I say bro? it’s short for …forge it) Anyways. Since we were old enough to feel pride for our friends from around the way, we called each other home boy. It meant, a good friend from our hood (that’s short for neighborhood) and the short version was homie, or holmes. “What up holmes?” Now, is it said beyond my hood, yep, does that mean what they say it for represents me and my use, nope. It’s kinda like ‘FREEDOM OF SPEECH” and “FEEDOM OF EXPRESSION” ya dig. It’s sad that you think it comes from dudes that bang and sling drugs. Yes they use it, but not because some of them are, or are not, gang members. It’s because it’s how dudes talk. Get da f*&k over yourself, and go contribute to our society in a better way. PEACE OUT…..HOMIE!


  • I never know what I’m going to find when I click the “comments” button. Geez. Tell me “anonymous” isn’t serious!!


  • P.S. One who is in control of a blog like yours, which is wonderful i must say, should always thank the responder and not laugh at them…..This is disrespectul not only to me, but to all who read your blog, especially to those who live here. Think about it- Ask people. You may not hear what u want. Jim


    • I’m laughing because it’s so preposterous that the term “Homie” that we’ve used lovingly in thousands of posts you found a way to lump into the same category as LA gangbangers. It’s the politically correct and easily offended that drive me nuts.

      I laugh because we can’t give credence to every person that says they are offended, much like people lobbying to take the word “Midget” off of the decades old Midget pickle jar.

      It’s all about context. There is no malice here but you seem to be looking for there to be.

      Lighten up Francis.

      Respectfully Joey C


      • If u lived around it, locked ur doors everynite, felt how it intimidated u….You would feel the same way. This is not about politicaly correct, it’s a human thing, a societal thing, its more than just a word, it represents all tht is a cancer in our society. I too thnk this politically correct stuff has gone way too far. I am with you on that. Your disrespect and attacking my views also trouble me. I think it hurts you and your site,, and blatantly exposes your ignorance. Jim Casey


  • I find it very odd that a person who has a blog space on a reputable site, would so readily dismiss a concerned citizen of gloucesters response to one of your blogs. “LOL” is not a proper response to someone who shows actual concern for something that will affect the citizens of this well-known town. So then, the question remains, “What would be a proper answer to Mr. Casey’s response to your original blog? I find your “LOL” “laugh” very disrespectful to Jim who took the time to respond in a respectful way. I I do agree with what Jim says. Your dismissal of his views and laughing at his post is very, very unprofessional. This should be a space for all to open a dialogue about issues here, now matter how trivial you may find the response.


  • Craig Kimberley

    OH! BTW. awesome plate Nichole!!!


  • Great plate design, Nichole!


  • Thesaurus J. Reductio

    Hey, bad guys no doubt use a lot of vocabulary that the rest of use as well — verbs, nouns, adjectives; are we to avoid them all because of where else they’re used? Where does it stop? Who decides? You see where this leads.


  • The “lowbrow” aspect is when the term “Home boy” or “Homie” (or any previously acceptable term considered a norm) which has been around for multiple generations in recognition of someone from the same home town, becomes, in “politically correct” circles (an oxymoron if I ever heard one..), something which is offensive. I am sorry and feel sorry for those who lost control over their use of words which have now apparently for them become offensive. The rest of us will move on and turn the page, not turn the channel. Please do not let others take our usage of any words from us by even suggesting they have come to connote something to be feared.

    I thought Joey’s post was great, tasteful and fun. I was surprised that the discussion, or purported rancor was even raised. Love the blog always! I’d love to be called a “Homey” but I’m from New York and have only lived here for about 50 years…


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