Cape Ann Vernal Pond Team Update

We had a nice field trip on Friday night. Saw spotted sals, wood frogs and spring peepers at Stillington. Spermatophores, WF eggs and SS eggs. And some lovely leeches. Then to long and narrow for some fairy shrimp, a newt, more spotteds.

Weather looks promising for tomorrow night. If we get the rain they’re talking about then we should see some migration. So….

Field Trip
Tuesday April 15, 2014
Meet at Wallgreen’s parking lot on Main Street in Gloucester at 8:30pm.

Did I mention… the Caper Ann Vernal Pond Team needs a treasurer. Someone please volunteer for this fun and prestigious position.

Thanks, Rick

we only have one earth, save it

Addendum ~ Reader barrycuda writes in the comment section, “its always great to see a piece designed by the Lovely & Talented Helen Ann Lind.”  Through the GMG search box, I found several previous posts written by Joey about Helen’s beautiful work:

Helen Anne Lind Tells The Story Of How She Created The Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce Logo Back in the 70’s

Two Entries for The Downtown Gloucester Block Party Poster Contest Helen Lind and Linda Cordner- The Vote Ends Tomorrow Morning At 5AM



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