Full “Blood Moon” Lunar Eclipse !!

At 2:00 Am Tuesday April 15th the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse will begin .. The best viewing is from 3:00 am to 4:00 am … The Moon will have a Pinkish look to it at the start of the Eclipse then go to a Blood Red look .. Almost scary if u ask me …
Some religious groups and beliefs , believe that horrible things can happen during such an event .
As in apocalypse / earthquakes / war / insanity … It’s also believed that pets / wild animals can be affected by such a Eclipse …
I don’t buy any of it , in fact I welcome it and it’s beauty even if it does look scary … How ever the Bible does talk about “Blood Moon” and the signs they bring … But again let’s enjoy and not worry and hopefully get sum great pics weather permitting .. I do believe there will be sum clouds blocking it out from time to time … How ever there is a slim chance it will make an appearance ..
So fingers crossed and enjoy the show !! I’ll be up at 2am down GHB hoping to grab sum good shots to share with u … Here’s sum pics as to what to expect very late tonight wee hours of Tuesday am ….thanks for viewing …..
Peter Lovasco







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