Sista Felicia’s Marshmallow Peeps Easter Egg Suprise!

PrintscalDon’t you just love when inspiration strikes! Last week while shopping at Scalafini Bakery I noticed one of my favorite childhood Easter treats on the shelf for sale. The creative wheels in my head started turning and latter that afternoon I surprised my nieces and their friend Karlee Lorden with this Marshmallow Peeps Easter Egg Surprise! …And for the record it took 10 guesses before the girls guessed the correct filling inside the chocolate egg! They had a great time taking turns guessing during dinner time!


Can you guess what’s inside?

Click see more for the answer and Step-by-Step recipe details…

Ok I’ll give you a hint…”They say a pot of gold can be found at the end”….

Sista Felicia’s Peeps Easter Egg Surprise



1 box white cake mix

¼ teaspoon- ½ teaspoon teal, yellow, pink, purple, and green food coloring for coconut

1 lb. chocolate melts

2 bars Trader Joes The Dark Chocolate Lovers Chocolate Bar

3 cups white frosting

4 large Marshmallow Peeps Bunnie Candy

2 cups coconut flakes; mixed with green food coloring

4 Lindt Chocolate Carrot

¼ cup Jelly Beans

large pastry bag fitted with large star tip

1 four section half Easter Egg Baking Pan


1  chill four section half Easter Egg Baking Pan in refrigerator 15 minutes; melt chocolates in double boiler pan


2  using pastry brush; coat each section with melted chocolate; chill 3 minutes

3  repeat step 2 until all chocolate is used; chill final chocolate coating 15 minutes


4  fill small cereal bowl with warm water; dip bottom side of pan with chilled molded chocolate in bowl of warm water 10 seconds; gently tap pan on counter and remove chocolate egg from mold; repeat with remaining 3 chocolate egg molds in pan; chocolate eggs should stand freely; reserve chocolate eggs

*Note~ heat bottom of chocolate egg with candle lighter 5 second; fix melted end standing straight on aluminum foil lined flat surface; hold in place until chocolate sets and egg stands freely)

5  mix cake batter according to box instruction; evenly divide batter into 4 separate bowls or large cups; mix one food coloring into each

6  fill ¾ of each Easter Egg section of baking pan, by layering each colored cake batter in each egg section; bake until fully cooked (follow box instruction for cupcakes for baking times)

7  remove cakes from pan; cool 10 minutes; cut puffy end of each cake off; discard cut ends


8   place cakes into chocolate Easter egg mold; pip each with white frosting using pastry bag fitted with large star tip; fix Marshmallow Peeps Bunny on top; sprinkle with green coconut flakes



9 fasten jelly bean candies using white frosting


10  attach Lindt chocolate carrot candy to each Peeps Bunny; serve




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