Favorite Clam Chowder in New England? | Poll Skewed a Toward “The Other Cape” Needs An Adjustment

HiddenBoston, a great Boston Restaurant Blog is running a poll on best clam chowder.

Uhmmm people don’t drive from upstate NY for The Causeway’s Clam Chowder for nothin’ homie!

I voted.

Had to give some consideration to Halibut Point as well.

I think we oughta give the obviously skewed to the “other Cape” poll a little smack down on GMGonomics. The GMG Army is made aware of injustice and we rise up and inform the uniformed in polls what the reality is.

Here’s the GMGonomics 101 equation for those who may need a refresher-

FOBs are informed on these pages + GMG Army takes action = Votes are placed and the correct local joint gets recognized.

Vote here (no email registration required)-



http://www.goodmorninggloucester.com Do you get it?


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