A Beautiful and Moving Tribute to Carol Gray, Retiring Sawyer Free Library Director

Carol Gray  Bruce Tarr Mary Weissblum John Ronan©Kim Smith 2014John Ronan and Company (Senator Bruce Tarr, Paul McGeary, Mary Weissblum, and Scott Memhard) Reading John’s Very Humorous Poem About Carol

Carol Gray husband ©Kim Smith 2014.

The library was packed with Carol’s colleagues, friends, and well-wishers, all with hearts full of thanks and gratitude for her guiding hand throughout the library’s recent years of growth and development. Everyone spoke of Carol’s extraordinary dedication, tireless work ethic, and positive spirit during this period of great change and challenges.

Sawyer free Library ©Kim Smith 2014

Bruce Tarr Scott Memhard ©Kim Smith 2014

Carol Gray Bruce tarr ©Kim Smith 2014.JPGSenator Bruce Tarr Gave a Beautiful Heartfelt Speech

Thank you Carol ~ we are all going to miss you in your role as the Sawyer Free Library Director, but are so happy for you that you will be able to spend more time with your  growing family!Carol Gray ©Kim Smith 2014

mary weissblum catherine ryan ©Kim Smith 2014JPGMary Weissblum and Catherine Ryan

John and Sandy Ronan ©Kim Smith 2014Sandy and John Ronan

Linda Bossleman Shelia  ©Kim Smith 2014

Mary Weissblum © Kim Smith 2014Shelia and Floria ©Kim Smith 2014Shelia Blake and Floria Crowell

I’ve shared this story with friends, but thought our GMG community would like to know how Carol’s positive can-do spirit has touched a life. My Carol Gray story is just one example of thousands!

One day I was driving along Eastern Point Road near Raymond’s Beach after returning from photographing at the Eastern Point wildflower meadows. I passed Joe and Helen Garland walking hand-in-hand along the side of the road. They seemed so obviously taken with each other that I stopped my car and asked if they minded if I took their photograph. I had never met either (and had never done anything like that before), but they were so very sweet and said yes, they didn’t mind at all. Afterwards we got to talking and Joe asked what it was I had been photographing. I told him about finding Monarch trees where the butterflies roost by the thousands and he became incredibly animated and excited. He had lived on Eastern Point nearly his whole life but had never been able to locate one of the trees. Both he and Helen were so enthusiastic about the butterflies and said that I just had to contact their friend Carol Gray at the Sawyer Free Library, suggesting an exhibit around the butterflies. Carol was so accessible and was wonderfully receptive to the idea. She provided tremendous guidance and within a few months, we had our exhibit!!!

Carol Gray  Cake©Kim Smith 2014.JPG

One comment

  • Carol is so energetic and positive–you capture her “go for it” spirit,Kim. It was a lovely event with thoughtful presentations. Excellent steward, great library.


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