The “American Blogger” Documentary May Be The Biggest Crock Of Shitake Mushrooms Ever

I first saw this video on Barstool Sports but I’m thinking the whole thing has to be a joke, right?

Like a documentary is supposed to capture people in real life, if you watch that trailer you would think that the only people that blog are wealthy privileged female designers whose houses are spotless. Was there even one guy in the whole lot?

I feel like the whole trailer was something made up for The Onion or some satirical Saturday Night Live Skit where in the very next scene all these women hop on unicorns after farting out rainbows.

Somehow us lumping trailer loads of stinky herring at 5AM didn’t make the cut 😉


  • Don’t want to click on it for fear of giving it any more press. And the pretty air stream just like your office.


  • Craig Kimberley

    Dear God tell me that load of crap is a joke, please. Next thing your gonna tell me is there’s a movie about the friggin NFL Draft Day. What, did they choose the “bloggers” by there friggin profile picture? Was there a call out for 80lb white chicks trust-funders with a passion for interior decorating and modeling on the side? Sharing, and community, give me break. You know what, if they do have a blog, and it”s worth reading, I don’t need a friggin Abercrombie and Fitch commercial to show how awesome they type everyday. JOKE


    • Right???

      It’s so far over the top that it almost has to be a joke.


      Did you see in the final frame of the trailer? The guy edits in a slow pan up shot of himself pigeon chested as if he is saving the world or something, LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!
      Self Important Documentary Maker


  • Craig Kimberley

    HAA! I thought the same thing about that shot! “Honey, get the slider..I want a nice slow push of me staring into the sunset.” ‘I’ll gaze as though I’m about to do something spontaneous and important.” LOVE IT. How about the Goddamn US map, with the pins and the red yard? “Ok, so I’ll say “Are you thinking what I”m thinking?” “And after you respond..”You’ve always wanted one” “As thought we know exactly what each other’s thinking..We’ll cut to a stunningly “restored” airstream…then our voiceover guy will say something pretty cool. Like “We may just change the world!” HAAAAAAAA. R U KIDDING ME? Let me guess. I’m going to go out on a limb here….I bet there are scenes of his wife doing yoga a sunrise, while he chops open a fresh melon form a knife his great grandfather made from a Civil War sword. Then they face some “diversity” along the way, like a flat tire, or a normal American. And then there’s a shit ton of awkward white girl hugs and tears every time they leave a location. Joey, I feel a spoof coming on!!! Are you in?


  • Wow. This must be some kind of joke. I mean, how do they not feature GMG? I think everyone can agree that Joey’s persona is that of a wealthy privileged female designer/mommy blogger with a spotless house… only in a man’s body…

    Also, we know Joey is someone who could change…….. the world.

    I guess our only hope is that there’s a sequel.


  • Joey loved you’re trailer over that piece of crap up top! I didn’t even watch the one up top .. Great work / Great True Gloucester Fishermen Work!! The Old School Way 🙂


  • Also, why the hell are all my comments on here forced to await moderation? I’m not THAT bad, am I? Actually, never mind…


  • Lol Joey not sure why it say anonymous ! But that’s my comment 🙂 smh




  • This video needs to be called “American Mommy Blogger the tale of middle class white women with too much time on their hands trying to find meaning and free products in their stay at home mommy lives – Changing the world one product review at a time, in their own minds”


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