A Call to Artists. From deb Clarke;


From deb Clarke;

Hi Paul! so pleased to see that you are doing your ahht!

I tend to not work on an easel, but I have a lot of work in progress.

left to right: small mixed media idea panel based on The Hall of Mirrors at Versailles.

A drawing of a face that I remember, a ‘downtown’ woman that I have not seen on the streets for a few years.

A beginning of a verre eglomise of the tug that was next to the Rockland barge that is working around the harbor.

My messy work space with two verre eglomise in progress. The gold one is of keys, I may change it to a figure panel.

Small mixed media ghost of Versaille.

Another face I remember from working at Bananas.

I haven’t been keeping up with my debbieclarke.blogspot; but may resurrect it as I am now a full time artist.

If folk would like to follow my doings, I keep my facebook up-to-date…err…sometimes minute at http//www.facebook.com/debbie.clarke.5011 where my public posts can be followed.




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