Got Milkweed?

Gordon L. Osborne from Newport, Vermont, writes the following
(he’s a friend of Fred Bodin and Clark Linehan: retired from Varian Semiconductor):

Hi Kim,

The milkweed seeding program caught my interest. Last year I had a notion to do a still life combining milkweed, an old milk bottle, and real milk. Trouble was finding milkweed gone to seed. Finally in late September, on the way home from church, the right milkweed appeared beside the road. My startled passengers thought I had gone
bezerk when stopping so suddenly. All came together with the still life below. Caption is undecided but may be: “Got Milk”, “Got Milk Bottle”, “Got Milkweed”.



  • Nice ~ very nice. I remember the roadside milkweed as well ~ growing along the roadside ditches in rural Maryland. I like Kim’s idea ~ joining the world of Johnny Appleseed ~ dare I say Mary Milkweed has plans ~


    • Gordon L. Osborne

      Thanks, Mary, for your reply. During WWII I wasjust a little tyke in rural Massachusettes,
      and my mother and I would pick the dry milkweed for the war effort. I don’t know where
      the milkweed went, I only remember that we filled many shopping bags.


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