Evan Goodrow joins the Dave Sag’s Blues Party this Thursday @ The Rhumb Line April 3rd 8-11.

dave sag rl 4.3.2014

This week features The dynamic Mr. Evan Goodreau, standup philosopher,winged digitator and blues tweezer, comin’ at you with arms akimbo, ready to take you to where the rubber meets the road. Mr. G., former Stetson® spokesperson and Zen magistrate,is gonna show you how it’s done…in spades!  Big G has been busy, but has made the time to come down here and hook you up to the jumper cables of life. Ladies, put away your Jane Austin and  start your Austin Healeys!

evan goodrow post


Fortunately, Mr. Benny Benson, who required CPR after last week’s paroxysm with Mike O’Connell will be on hand to paradiddle the night away. So will I, plucking the bass and eyebrows to the boogie beat. Free smelling salts provided, compliments of Schrigley Industries.

benny benson eg ds

40 Railroad Ave.

Gloucester, MA 01930

phone: 978-283-9732

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