The Gift That Keeps On Giving




This weeks “GMG Cooks” list continues to grow! Chris Reed, Mary Beth Stanton, Brenda Davis are this weeks GMG COOKS!

Chris Reed writes~Recipe From Felicia via Good Morning GloucesterYes! They are so good. It was like a cookie factory in here today.

chris reed GMG cooks post ricotta cookies

Sista Felicia~ Great Job Chris…your cookies look Perfecto! Thank You for sharing your photo<3

Mary Beth Stanton Writes~Yummo! Followed your recipe for pasta with the broccoli …. Billy is on his second bowl! Perfect on this damp, rainy Sunday.

mary beth stanton pasta brocoli

Sista Felicia~ Glad to hear Bill enjoyed one of my favorite dishes! Yesterday was a perfect day for Pasta Broccoli! Thank you for sharing your photo<3


Brenda Davis Writes~Made these tonight..easy, delicious and not too sweet..perfect for dipping into tea …Thank you, Felicia for the recipe…

brenda Davis cookies

Sista Felicia~  I agree, this cookie is not overly sweet, and perfect for dipping!  Thank you for sharing your photo ❤

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