Play Ball!

I’m just a little bit excited that it is baseball season again.  I’ve used the word “giddy” a few times in some recent posts, but there’s truly no better word.  I love the sport, but more than that, I love the tradition, the history, and the camaraderie.  I’m not sure if there is anything better than a day inside Fenway Park with some great friends and/or family.  The quintessential sensorial experience!  The noise, the smells, the colors, the cold beer, and the sausage…peppers, onions, mustard, relish.  Come on!

For me, though, it’s also the park.  I love Fenway Park. I already peppered you with my love for the seats, but there’s so much more.  I love the architecture.  I love the brick. I love the grass.  I love the lights. There’s something about how it all comes together that truly can take your breath away.

The Red Sox begin their 114th season today…and then there’s only 161 games left in the regular season.  So,  let’s buckle up and enjoy the ride.

In case you need a “Roster Refresher” 

Opening Day “Fun Facts”

A little feel good baseball musical inspiration for you.  Love this song.



  • What an absolutely wonderful set of pictures. Makes you feel like you’re there. Thanks for a great post.


  • I saw Roger Maris hit home runs in Yankee Stadium when I was about the age of the boy in this wonderful video. Mickey Mantle too. Whitey ford pitching; Joe Pepitone on first and Yogi Berra had just moved from catcher to Manager. Bleacher seats were 75 cents if you were under 12. We could ride there on our bikes. I remember my first time at a baseball game. Walking up the ramp to where the seats are, suddenly the field was in view and I was in awe. Green grass. Reddish-brown dirt. It was in color! I’d only ever seen baseball games on black & white TV before. And there was a very distinctive smell. A bygone sensation I called the “baseball game smell”. It’s just the right combination of hot dogs, beer and cigars …


    • Amazing memories!! Thanks for sharing!! My first memories of baseball are actually of going to Spring Training in Winter Haven. I was lucky enough to “hang” with the players back before I really understood that it was a privilege. I loved watching them joke around with each other and immediately was mesmerized by the bond between them all. I also remember clearly being in the 3rd row at Fenway one day when Rickey Hernandez walked over and handed me a ball. I have always loved being inside the ballpark! It all came together in 2004 when I was allowed access to the park to photograph all season…and then the next several years too. Other than a foul ball into the photographers pit hit by Johnny Damon that crushed my thigh and left a foot-long bruise for weeks….I have nothing but amazing memories!! Warm fuzzies!!!


  • BEAUTIFUL photographs!


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