• but they’re not the same thing–you’re paying for the convenience of having them cooked and dyed for you. I wouldn’t myself, but I think it’s not unreasonable for someone pressed for time.


  • My dear, Flea. I am quite sure you know which one I would buy….LOL!


  • I agree with Sem. it is also cheaper to make your own spaghetti and meat balls, sandwiches, etc…
    But sometimes you don’t feel like it, or have no time to do it . This said, I like to dye my own Easter eggs !


  • Bridgette Mathews- This is all kinds of wrong lol!

    14 hours ago

    Felicia Ciaramitaro Mohan- I agree…. it kinda made me sad to think of egg dying as a chore and not a fun activity…

    Eleanor Curcuru- Oh wow this is crazy I am so looking forward to dying eggs with Phoenix

    13 hours ago

    Joanna Numerosi -talk about taking the fun out of it!!!!

    11 hours ago

    Josie Passalacqua Chambers- This makes me angryyyy!

    9 hours ago

    Dee Erwin Noble- LOL. I love the thought of the activity. I really do. But then the weekend gets away from me. I got no white eggs. The vinegar is all gone. And the kids have to get up in three hours for a sunrise church service. I would love to dye 6. And buy the rest.

    7 hours ago

    Dee Erwin Noble #Laziestmomalive has WAYYYYYYY more time to have #FUN with the kiddos. No judging. To each their own…..

    7 hours ago


  • this takes the messy right out of the eggs and i can focus on my egg cookies! LOL


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