Mood Music

So, it isn’t so much that I’ve never been a fan of John Legend until now, it’s just that I hadn’t really given him much thought.  I’m not sure I could have named one of his songs and whenever I heard his name mentioned as a tremendous artist, I felt kind of indifferent.   I kind of kept on meaning to remember to look into what all the buzz was about, but then never did.

That having been said, DEAR LORD, if his song “All of Me” doesn’t do it for you then you’re one tough cookie. Seriously, a six-pack of grapefruit beer and this song and I’m a happy girl.  While I realize he is singing to his super model wife, the warm fuzzies are all mine.  In my humble opinion, there is nothing quite like some excellent lyrics.  I’m a huge fan of words.  So, put some great words into a good song and I’m hooked.

All kidding aside, if this song doesn’t set the mood for a fantastic evening, you’re going to have to tell me what does!  Well, maybe don’t go far as telling me what it takes to set your mood.  That’s just weird.  BUT, any other great songs out there with amazing lyrics….feel free to share.

Disclaimer:    I should note, that as I write this, my husband is asleep on the couch and my younger son is in bed next to me because, “he’s sad that E.T. went home and Elliot will never see him again.”

So, clearly I am no expert on mood music….




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