Host A Foreign Exchange Student This Summer!


Hi Joey,

  I was wondering if you would be able to post something to help spread the word.  There are about 250 foreign exchange teens coming to the North Shore area this summer and they need host families to stay with.  The kids come for about 3 weeks and are in school M-F 8-6 and there is a bus that will take them there….so it’s a great opportunity to host because there isn’t a huge commitment involved.  Also there is a $100 stipend to help pay for additional food, water, etc used by the students.  I hosted last summer for the first time and I really loved it, so I’m helping to find families in this area to hopefully benefit from the experience as well.  I’ll attach a flier with the info too if you want it.  Thanks so much if you can post this!  Also, not sure if you could/would post it to the Facebook page too.  It would be super helpful!  The students who came last summer rated their experiences so high that the North Shore got the best scores in the country….so there are 3 times as many kids signed up to come to this area this summer….so they really need to find more host families.  



Contact Kristen today!
(315) 491 – 9447

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