Thank Christ For Rational Men Like Art McCann

I’m not sure whose idea it was to try to strip away the signature “Fighting Fishermen” on Newell Stadium but thank god there are still men like Art McCann who have enough sense to push back on the politically correct machine and make sure it was repainted.

Love this guy.

The petition reads:

“Let’s not rob our students of the fighting spirit to win both on the field and in the classroom.  This petition is to bring back the Fighting Fishermen”

Next thing you know they’re gonna go and try and take the word “Midget”  off of Midget Pickle Jars.

2014-03-27 17.37.58

Read the article on the Gloucester Daily Times Website here


  • Joe..
    Here we are again.
    They are now known as little people.
    Art is an icon in this town. One of the
    most under rated taxpayers to live here.


  • I’m missing something here. Who in God’s name would have a problem with “Fighting Fishermen”
    In fact, back in the day when I would frequent the famed devils triangle (Kelleher’s, The Dugout, and the Bee) a lot of fishermen got in fights. So did a lot of non-fishermen. I’m just messing around but seriously, hats off to Mr. McCann. He is so right !


  • What is the problem with ‘fighting fisherman’? I always assumed it meant the fighting sprirt to fight against the odds and brave the storm? Those who fought for their livelihood, their families, and at times even for their own lives? You want to tell the Fisherman of Gloucester that their job is easy? That they don’t face adversity in the battle with the elements? Our beloved ocean is both a giver and take of life – you need a lovers heart and a fighters spirit to make it and THATS what ‘fighting fishermen’ means to me.


  • Good job, Art! I enjoyed some great conversations with Art several years ago at Halibut Point! A great man with a ton of knowledge and experiences to share…..with a great point here too!


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