We Made It!


According to this chart, as of today, it isn’t going to get below freezing ever again. Friday, in the 50s. Polar vortex, you can suck it.


We are over the fishing pole on the analemma and heading up. Has anyone seen any mackerel? Is it time to oil the reel?


  • I so hope you are right!


  • I usually see the analemma in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. 😉 At least on all my globes.

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    • Since there is no analemma floating in the Pacific on google maps there may be a significant portion of our readership that has no clue what you are talking about. 😦

      That analemma superimposed over the fishing pole at Andrews Point took a bit of research to make. It is tilted and figure eighted for precisely our latitude of 42 degrees. The yellow dot is winter solstice, the blue ball, appropriately enough, when we all dive into the harbor on January one. Analemma crossover is coming up on April 17. (That is just a guess, hard to find that info since no one knows what an analemma is.)


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