More Spinning

Faster Fido Faster!

If you see me on a beach this weekend with a stick, an iPhone, and my dog Stella, it will be because I am trying to replicate this gif. I may even attach Rubber Duck to the end of the stick but I might have to wrap the end with some ham or roast beef. If Stella does not cooperate I will then attach Cheetos and try to get some Homies in on the act. If you think you can do better, go for it. Nichole could go out on the Blackburn Rotary and circle a few times but she should let a passenger handle the stick and meat products. If you have read this whole thing the dog has gone around at least six times. Are you dizzy yet? Doesn’t it look like Good Harbor Beach? I promise to pick up after my dog. –Paul Morrison and Rubber Duck



  • totally dizzy….didn’t help that I was trying to stare at the background to see what beach it might be. It kind of looked like Cape Hedge in Rockport to me…until I couldn’t see straight anymore. It sounds like Craig K is on the rotary video, but if I head out there I will be sure to let someone else handle the stick and meat. Those are words to live by anyway….unless its a nice shish kabob.


  • Yes, it does look like Good Harbor Beach and yes, I am dizzy. No, I don’t think you could get Stella to do that.

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  • Fantastic and thank you for cleaning up remember “There is No Poop Fairy”. I have these posters coming in the mail stay tuned.


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