“Asinine” is Clearly Missing an Important Letter “s”

If anyone happens to be looking for further proof that “asinine” should really be spelled “assinine” take a few spins around Blackburn or Grant Circle.  It’s fun.   I, for the record, will continue to spell “assinine” incorrectly, no matter how many times spell-check tells me I’m wrong, because, honestly, if there is a word that begs for a more appropriate spelling, “assinine” is it!

Today’s proof that “assinine” is missing an “s” is dedicated to the donkey who thought that even though he was on the inside of the circle, and even though I was on the outside of the circle and clearly exiting the rotary to head home to Rockport, he should feel free to speed up, slice his way in front of me with a couple of inches to spare, and then throw his hands up in disgust…indicating that he believed I was in the wrong.  ASSinine.  See my point?

I’ve been commuting from Rockport/Gloucester to Beverly for 20 years now….5 days a week, if not more.  To and from.  Many, many go rounds those roundy-rounds.    I’m not going to lie, I kind of do it on autopilot because it seems somewhat obvious which lane you should be in…depending on where you are planning on exiting the rotary.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’ve learned to not overestimate anyone’s common sense, and I am always on the look-out for assinine moves by other drivers, but yet, it still amazes me.  Now, I know what many of you are thinking.  “Lay off.  Rotaries can be tricky.  The poor guy was probably from out of state.”  NO…GO.   Rockport sticker proudly displayed.  Rotary savy, my friends…let’s get on board.

So, as a mere public service message (not at all a sarcastic rant) I am posting the RMV’s rules for operating a motor vehicle on a rotary here in the state of Massachusetts.  Possibly “said driver”, and other assinine drivers, may want to take a gander.  And then, for your viewing pleasure, see how Chevy Chase handled it.

Mass RMV tells us how to drive on rotaries

Mass RMV tells us how to drive on rotaries





  • Seems pretty straight forward to me. However, you have to be willing to acknowledge that others are at least as important as you are. That seems to be hard for some people. I’m sure that driver’s actions got them about 2 seconds ahead of where they would have been if they had waited. Amazing. As the song from Frozen says, “let it go” and seek your own peace of mind.


  • There is a rotary at Powder house Square on the Somerville Medford line, that I have actually watched someone just keep going around and around. I think they were hoping no cars would come and it make their move…


  • Lanes are marked in the UK and not here. That would solve the problem of guessing if there’s one lane or two.


  • I agree: Assinine! Also, please, for the love of god, just use your freakin’ blinker, especially if you’re going to exit from the inside lane. It takes just the flick of a finger. Not hard at all. Please.


  • Just south of me here in Ohio in the town of Sharon they have the weirdest roundabout I’ve ever come across. Traffic in the circle has the right of way. (okay so far) But, if you’re in the circle you have to yield to traffic on the main north-south road. (RTE94) Tell me that’s not confusicating.
    You can see the remains of the wrecks laying all over the side of the road.


  • Craig Kimberley

    Nice work! I’ve had a video in the planning stages for a while on this. I will be taking people into the fire of the rotaries here. And showing them with toys and a graphics how to properly navigate the rotary, legally! It should prove to be fun for all!


  • I travel out and back through SIX roundabouts every day and some of the things I see in them would curl your hair. Case in point, man traveling the WRONG way around, driving with one hand and waving the other hand, just so he could get to the highway- rather than just go around again. The drivers that do not look at you and just drive through- hey asshole I can see you and if you hit my car I am coming after you. Do you think you are invisible if you don’t make eye contact. They are super safe- no head ons. Learn to navigate them.


  • This RMV explanation, specifically where it states to travel in the right lane “to continue straight ahead”, makes NO SENSE AT ALL. This driving tactic does not allow for traffic already on the rotary to exit SAFELY from the middle lane. In Europe, only traffic taking the first exit (what RMV calls 1/4 turn) off of the rotary stays in the right lane- all other traffic goes to the center of rotary, using signals to indicate when exiting rotary of course. This allows cars to exit safely as there are no cars in the outer lane to cross in front of, or drive into, when exiting from the center of rotary.


  • I am soooooo sharing this on my husbands wall. He is a rotary failure. Grew up here in Gloucester. Over40 years negotiating rotaries and even my kids know he sucks at it. Thank you for my validation! You just solved one of our favorite marital spats! XOXO


  • Years ago there was only one lane coming in. I don’t know when the two lanes started but it can work if you play by the rules and use your blinkers. 40 miles a hour well that’s about right. lol


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