No Need to Curb His Enthusiasm


I was reading some of the very nice comments written in response to my last post to my boys….since many of the comments kindly mentioned that I have a couple of pretty cool kids.  A parent can never really hear enough of that…even if we already know it to be true ourselves.  They are good kids!  And we are very lucky!  After I read my post and the comments to them, Thatcher was concerned that some people might not know exactly what Thacher’s Island is.  I explained that more likely than not, all of the GMG readers are super familiar with the island and its twin lighthouses, but he was adamant that I should post photos anyway.  Because he was so excited,  I refrained from showing him the many gorgeous photos of Thacher’s Island that have been posted by other contributors in the past. No need to curb his enthusiasm.  So, this quick follow-up post is actually his.

On a side note, I’ve learned two things since Thatcher was born (more like 2 million…but for this post’s purpose…I’ll stick to two).  First of all, if you name your kid “Thatcher,” you better be ready to explain why…and secondly, if you name your kid “Thatcher,” you better be ready to take countless photos of “his” island.   These are a few of his favorite.  Another side note….if you ever hear our younger son, Finn, refer to Straitsmouth Island as “Finn’s Island” kindly just go with it.

Click here for the Thacher Island Association to learn all about the island



  • Thanks so much! I really didn’t know much about Thacher Island, very interesting stuff!! Please thank Thatcher for me!


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