Oh, Well Hello There!

Today, being the first day of spring, I’ve been getting all giddy about the fun that is dangling like a dandelion in front of our noses.  I’m not a winter person.  Honestly, I kind of hate it.  Summer is without a doubt our first round draft pick in the seasonal line-up.  But spring is at least, thank goodness, the gateway to summer.  So, I’ll take it!

Bring on the sunshine!   Bring on the fun afternoons after school rather than the dreary drive home in the dark for yet more cooped up cuckoo-crazies in our far-too-small bungalow by the beach.

Bike rides, roller blading, baseball, runs with the dog, ice cream, driving ranges, quick round of mini death golf.  Bring. It. On!  I can’t even stand how excited I am.

Here is a perfect example of how the Schraffts roll when spring’s earthly goodness finally graces us!  Just after spring’s long awaited arrival this time last year, we left school with that “the world is our oyster”+ “no one can get in our way” slap happiness that can only come with the sunshine.  When given a choice of spring-esque activities the boys chose to head to Richardson’s Dairy in Middleton for a little ice cream therapy.  While there, we checked out the cows in maternity row (I kid you not) and saw a big mommy looking like she was ready to blow.  Indeed she was!  Within minutes she (and we) welcomed her little calf into the world.  Although, by the “Oh, well hello there” look upon her face, she hardly seemed to notice.  Must be nice.  Behold spring and all of its warm fuzzies!!!

Check out Richardson’s Dairy here! 


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