M. June Opper- Goldenblatt Asks About Wolfs- Anyone Wanna Chime In On This?

Hi Joey. 

I just happen to stumble on your website while I was looking for some information on the grey wolf.

My husband and I moved into our new house four years ago. 

We are fortunate to have many wild animals around us. 

We live at the end of a short cull de sac with a small amount of woods behind us. 

We have seen fox, ( the babies playing hide and seek with one another) 

deer, turtles, rabbits, coyote, mice, ground, hogs wild turkey ducks and now geese.

BUT we have also seen something that no one believes.

I was glad my husband was with me at the time, otherwise I would have thought I was nuts.

(well I am  but not because of this. HA!) .

We have a rather large green lawn ( it was once planned to be a pool area)

and one afternoon sitting right in the exact middle of the yard was a large grey Wolf.

At first I just looked at it and felt confused. Was it a huge dog? A coyote? 

I called in my husband and we just stood there at the window overlooking the whole scene completely mesmerized. 

The Wolf sat proud and high like a NAI. Then, along come two beautiful young fox who merrily danced around the wolf. 

It was amazing and neither of us could move to get the camera for fear we might miss something.

This seemed to go on for a very long time. Or maybe I was hoping it would never end. 

Eventually the fox skipped into the woods on one side and the wolf went to the edge of the woods and urinated. 

Then disappeared in the trees. A couple of nights later I heard him howling (and the dog down the street whimpering). 

I have been looking for info for at least two years after this happened. And looking for the wolf since he marked his existence in our yard.

Every one we tell the story to always say we could never have seen it because grey wolves are extinct here. ( Stow, MA)

And they laugh at the part about the red foxes). Actually I found an article saying that there was a grey wolf siting a while ago in Stow.

And another saying a wold my travel with a fox but that doesn’t add up in other fact articles. They are not friendly.

A couple of nights ago we were trying to decide what movie to watch ( we watch movies when we are not watching wolves ect.) and I said out of the blue 

Let’s watch Dances With Wolves. I don’t know why I thought of it and I have never seen it on TV. BUT the next night it came on!! 

So of course now I am thinking about the wolf that people either don’t believe we saw and wishing for its return.

I was writing you to see if you had ever heard anything like that before. Or heard of grey fox sitings in the Massachusetts area. 

And, if you are still reading this, thanks for your time and thoughts , if any.

Best wishes, 

M. June Opper- Goldenblatt


  • You might want to watch on ONEs two series on COYWOLFs. Go to site or try:
    Meet the Coywolf
    video.pbs.org/video/2365159966 and
    History of the Coywolf
    Might find them interesting.


  • We had a mountain lion in our backyard about 7 years ago. Nobody believes us. We even had a picture of it’s prints in the snow with a little blood. We live with a lot of woods behind us and train tracks. Mountain lions follow tracks and around the same time, it was seen in Beverly. I heard the most awful screeching of a big animal, probably a fox getting torn to shreds by the mountain lion.


  • Yes, it probably was a Coywolf, which are beautiful!


  • Try checking in with the folks at Wolf Hollow. And I’ve seen recent news reports about a mountain lion in Winchester, not too far away. Also, I’ve been seeing what I believe to be at least one, if not two, juvenile bald eagles around East Gloucester. We live in a wild place, which is pretty damn cool.


  • Dear June,

    It is very possible that you and your husband saw a Gray Wolf in Stowe MA. Wolves became extirpated from Massachusetts in about 1840 however, there have been reported rare sightings since then; one in Berkshire County in 1918, another in Shelburne, MA in 2007.

    Extirpated means not found in a specific area any longer, which is the case of Gray Wolves in MA. A few Gray Wolves reside in upstate NY, Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire, many more further north.

    New England has large stretches of interconnected woods, farmland, and mountainous regions that allows for good north south movement. This winter has been very tough on many species of wildlife. Wolves travel in search of food, a mate, and new territory. Perhaps it was looking for food.

    The PBS Show mentioned above by Joe T although called “Meet the Coywolf “has a misleading title. The show primarily features coyotes, with a brief bit of information about the Eastern Coyote and the Algonquin Wolf (a different species of wolf from that of the Gray Wolf, it is a type of red wolf) that have interbred in Canada’s Algonquin Park.

    I hope if you ever have another wolf sighting, your camera will be at the ready and you cans send us a photo


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