Community Photos 3/15/14


When the behemoth iceboat Rocket was built in 1888 she was said to be among the fastest vessels on the planet – capable of over 100 mph.  With a gaff rigged sail.  Rocket is the treasure of the North Shrewsbury Ice Boat and Yacht Club in Red Bank, NJ, and just one other boat in this class remains – Jack Frost, of the Hudson Valley Ice Club.  There had been one other, Icicle, built for John A Roosevelt, an uncle of FDR.  For sport in their day they would race trains, and Icicle once beat the “Chicago Express” on a run between Poughkeepsie and Ossining.

Rocket was rebuilt by Bob Pulsch who won the Betty Ramsey Trophy in the 2004 Gloucester Schooner Race with Heron, the 1911 Crowninshield schooner he had rebuilt.  Last week Rocket sailed again, for the first time in almost 100 years.  Bob Pulsch (80) and others aboard are regulars in the Gloucester Schooner Race in Adventurer.

Rocket Launch

February 1994, Cape Ann Marina From Peter Seminara

Bob Quinn Submits-

This scene is off Cherry St, over the DPW sand pile.. Turkeys Roosting In The Trees


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  • Yes them turkeys like the high ground for sure we had a bunch and they alway went up in tree’s if you didn’t get them in the pens before dusk…Some folks clip their feathers so Domesticated ones so they can’t fly up, way too much work :-O…:-)


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