Stupid is as Stupid Does

Effff.  Again.  What the hell is my problem?

I need spring to hurry up and get here, like yesterday.

Speaking of yesterday…

Yesterday, I grabbed my keys and phone, threw on my coat, realized I had a second to actually pee alone, took the opportunity to multitask by simultaneously going over my mental to-do list, and then heard voices.  I actually took a second to look in the toilet….cause, you know, its possible that the voice was coming from there….and then dismissed it, flushed, zipped, washed my hands (honestly), and ran out the door.  I took my phone out of my pocket to check the time….and realized where the voice was coming from.  Efff.  Pocket dialed mid pee.  Left a message of the whole damn thing.

Flash forward just a few short hours.  Got home, unpacked backpacks, hung up coats, unpacked lunch boxes, chucked filthy snow pants + jackets into the laundry, jumped into shower….with…my…socks…on…again.  Yes, again.  Because, unbelievably, I did that once last year too.

What the hell?!  Mid march madness in my mommy brain?  Seasonal distressed disorder causing disorder to my order?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not claiming to be busier than anyone else…maybe just stupider.  (see what i did there)     😉

But not this stupid, yet.



  • I know that feeling.. as a mother of four kids, now all grown, I can remember, coming home from work thinking that if the Aliens were coming down please take me now.


  • Thank God it’s you not me… 🙂


  • “Mid march madness in my mommy brain?” I’m pretty sure that should be in the big medical book. Don’t get me going as to my episodes of MMMMB. Socks in the shower? I can top that. At least I never left the kid on top of the car but not for lack of trying. ( I never really put the baby carrier on top of the car but it still haunts my dreams.)

    As Donna says, I can remember too. All my nightmares start there pushing out the old “taking the midterm in your underwear in a class you forgot to drop” long ago.


  • ;). Yes ~ or midway through the shower and the vision starts to go quickly and I think OK ~ this is the big one and I’m naked ~ ohhh ~ I wearing my glasses! It’s all good ~ shower is done, no one saw me naked, I did not die and I found my glasses ~ a little foggy ~ me and my glasses! Thanks for telling your story ~ ummmm ~ did you remember to take your IPhone out of your pocket before you ran the washing machine? ;( I didn’t ~


  • I’ll tell ya, it’s great being a grand-parent —


  • If I remember correctly someone did this on the mystic river bridge one time -? 🙂


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