Mill River Winter

Mill River Winter



  • This is basically the view from my pottery studio. I watch the river freeze then open up again and refreeze all winter. When it’s open there are lots of buffleheads, from November to mid April.


  • Very nice shot here Paul inviting your to travel it anytime any season:-)


  • I remember walking on the ice cakes at the Mill River at low tide on my way home from school. Ma always said not to walk on the ice cakes, but I did it anyway, at low tide.


  • Somebody needs to interview the Gloucester DPW Mill River gatekeeper. A couple of years ago I was talking to him and he said that each year they lower the gate a bit further as they turn the upper Mill River back to a tidal estuary.
    My questions now would be, are they done lowering? Are they going to somehow teach herring to run it? How about throwing some soft shell clams in up there?

    ps. nice photos Paul. These would be great shots for a hot August stretch. Right now I want beach shots of bikinis.

    I can see Marty’s kiln! Fire it up! Melt this ice!


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