Wednesday March 12th , 2014 Cape Ann Forecast..

Marine Forecast …..
Gale Watch!
Wed: E winds around 5 kt…becoming SE in the afternoon. Seas around 2 ft. Rain likely.

Wed Night: E winds 5 to 10 kt…becoming NW 10 to 15 kt with gusts up to 25 kt after midnight. Seas 2 to 4 ft. Rain with freezing rain likely. Vsby 1 to 3 nm.
Sunrise 6:56AM Sunset 6:47PM
High Tide 9:09AM / 8.5 / 9:43PM / 8.0
Low Tide 2:44AM / 1.6 / 3:24PM / 1.0
Moon Waxing gibbous
Visible: 77% ↑…
Quick Storm Analysis ..

We have a storm coming for later this morning into Thursday morning. How ever it’s looking more wet then white .. Cloudy with light rain / snow early changing to a heavy rain after 1-2pm .. Highs 35-45 degrees with a increasing east wind 15-20mph .. Wednesday Night overcast rain heavy at times lows in the mid to upper 30’s . Winds east becoming north 20-25mph with a few gusts to 35mph … Late Wednesday night cold air drains down from Maine as our storm system heads into the Gulf Of Maine … Flash freeze possible Thursday am with rain changing over to snow .. Light accumulations possible on the order of 1-2″ maybe 3″ if were lucky . Temps falling through the 20’s don’t be surprised if we hover around 19 or 20 degrees at lunch time … Backlash snows end around midday or so then overcast / break in clouds to allow for a few sunny glimpse’s . Thursday night very cold teens / to lower 20’s gusty north west winds ..
Friday Sunny highs in the 30’s..
Saturday partly sunny in the upper 40’s..
Sunday mostly sunny 40..
Perhaps some storminess of sorts Monday / Tuesday .. But let’s get through this week first .. Thanks For viewing .
Peter Lovasco






  • Thanks for the quick look at temps added to the bottom of post.


  • Thanks!! So the drive to Boston for a 6pm dinner today is gonna suck due to heavy rains, but at least it’s not snow. Then if I work from home tmro AM until about 9 or 10, it should be ok. Phew!!


  • 13º on Thursday! Could you promise that this is the last time? Another awesome weather report. I want more. I want a “Ask the Weatherman” segment at least once a week.

    Here is your first question: Which way is the wind blowing? If a weatherman says, “westerly” “west 5 mph”, “W”, I am almost positive that all of those things mean the wind is coming FROM the west. Am I right? And not a second question because it is the same topic. On some weather maps there are little flags sticking out of locations indicating which way the wind blows. Again, I am almost positive the the flag is is tuck out of the side from where the wind is blowing even though if it was a real flag blowing in the wind it would be pointing the other direction. Should I think of those things as arrows riding the wind? What does a weatherman think they are?

    I don’t want to monopolize the new segments but you could also tell us if real weathermen say “noreaster”. On Cape Ann I think it is common knowledge that you likely just fell off the turnip truck if you shorten “north easter” to “noreaster” but want to check.


    • 13? Who said 13 lol .. I said Teens / lower 20’s ….thank u Paul …Ask The Weatherman Segment ? Hmm I like that I’ll get right on that next week !
      Yes you’re right . Westerly is from the west lol …
      I say Nor’easter … Most mets do .. As far as the wind sticks lol there called “Wind Barbs” shows the wind direction speed in knots ! The more barbs the stronger the winds … Hope that’s helpful enough for u Paul ..


  • Go away old man winter!! Great work Peter!


    • Thanks Jeff 🙂 lol prob another week or so as we may have not one but two possible winter storms next week ! First on Monday / and second on Wednesday . Not set in stone but enough to throw It around …


  • Mother nature is being her usually self changing with the tides…:-) Thanks


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